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1. Make sure your gym is a member of the USASF.

2. We still have plenty of competitions to update. Once the database is up and running the companies themselves will input their results after each event. This will make the updating process much quicker.

3. This particular chart only lists the current top 10 out of thousands of teams.

Concept of Race

How does a team on the East Coast compete with a team on the West Coast? Unless the two happen to travel to the same major National Competition, they can't. Until now!

All Star teams and gyms have been competing for years. However, there is probably a gym around the corner and thousands of gyms across the country that you will not compete against all season unless you happen to show up at the same competition.

The USASF Nfinity Cup will give all gyms and teams across the country the opportunity to compete for the highest point total of the season.

Where will your team rank at the end of the season? (more information)

Who is involved?

Only gyms/teams that are members of the USASF are entered in the points race. A gym/team can accumulate points only from competitions of USASF partner companies. (more information)

What is the COST to enter?

There is no cost to the gyms entered in the race. (more information)

Point System Explained:


  1. Attendance Points: (more information)
    1. 10 points for attending
  2. 2 Day Competition Points: (more information)
    1. Day 1 of a 2 day competition (example: leading laps in NASCAR)
    1. 1st = 30 pts
    2. 2nd = 20 pts
    3. 3rd = 10pts
  3. 100 Point System: (more information)
    1. 1st = 100 pts
    2. 2nd = 90 pts
    3. 3rd = 80 pts
    4. 4th = 70 pts
    5. 5th = 60 pts
    6. 6th = 50 pts
    7. 7th = 40 pts
    8. 8th = 30 pts
    9. 9th = 20 pts
    10. 10th = 10 pts
    11. 11th and lower = 0 pts
  4. Multiplier: (more information)
    1. 1st = 100 pts
    1. Level 1 teams score x 1
    2. Level 2 teams score x 2
    3. Level 3 teams score x 3
    4. Level 4 teams score x 4
    5. Level 5 teams score x 5
  5. Placement Points: (more information)
    1. 1st = 100 pts
  6. Boundaries: (more information)
    1. Best 7 scores from the season
    2. Season: September 1st - The last Monday before Worlds. (April 17th for the 2006 Worlds)
  7. Important Things to Know

    The database is currently in the process of being constructed for the USASF Nfinity Cup.
    This database should be complete in early November.
    If you gym is a member of the USASF and have competed in a USASF competition prior to the completion of the database, you will still be awarded these past points for the race.
    VERY IMPORTANT! Because many gyms have the same names and some gyms have more than one team in the same division and level, each gym must assign a name to each of their teams. For instance a gym may have three teams and call them: 1. Wildcats, 2. Bearcats, 3. Kittens. This is needed for accuracy in keeping track of all of the teams across the country.

More information on "Concept of Race"

The top 10 reasons why the USASF Nfinity Cup is the ULTIMATE in All Star competition:

  1. This competition doesn't last a weekend - It lasts ALL SEASON!
  2. Coaches will have to use strategy to determine the best way to score the most points for their teams.
  3. Each weekend the placements can change.
  4. There is no cost to enter.
  5. It is only held at sanctioned USASF partner companies competitions, so you get the best quality.
  6. Every USASF member gym/team can participate.
  7. There is no extra work involved.
  8. You don't have to give up another weekend.
  9. You can see where your team ranks across the country.
  10. The winning coach receives a free trip to The Cheerleading Worlds to receive the CUP!!

More information on "Who is involved?"

Make sure your gym is a member of the USASF and you compete with companies who are partners with the USASF.

It's as easy as that. That's all you need to do to be in the points race. To see which companies you should compete with to make sure you are scoring points and not being left behind, click here.

What if my gym isn't a member right now but we join late. Will we be able to collect the points from earlier competitions?

Unfortunately not. The USASF Nifinity Cup is a points race for member gyms only, so don't delay - you're losing points.

More information on "Cost"

This is absolutely true! There is no cost to enter the points race.

This is just another benefit to joining the USASF!

Just like when a gym becomes a member, all of its coaches receive free membership.

More information on "Points"

Rule 1. Anytime you register, show up and compete at a competition held by the partner companies of the USASF, you will receive 10 points. It doesn't matter if it is a one or two day event. (These points are not included in the multiplier explained in Rule 4.)
Rule 2. Some competitions last one day and some last two. If you attend a two day competition then you are rewarded for placing in the top three on the first day. The most points you can score for attending a two day event is 30 points. (These points are not included in the multiplier explained in Rule 4.)
Rule 3. The 100 point system is what determines the points awarded for your final placement. If a tie occurs at a competition, you will be awarded the points for a team that has placed two spots down. Example: If their is a tie for 1st place and your team is the next highest after the tie, then your team will be awarded the points for a 3rd place team. (These points are included in the multiplier explained in Rule 4.)
Rule 4. THE MULTIPLIER!!! This is the USASF's first step in controlling "sandbagging". If a team places 5th in a competition at Level 4, then that team will be awarded 60 points. These 60 points will then be multiplied by 4 because this is the level in which they competed. Notice that it is only the points from the "100 Point System" that get multiplied, not the points from Rules 1,2 or 5.
Rule 5. These points will be awarded for scoring higher than other teams in your division and level at a competition. Example: Your team places 2nd in a division with 5 other teams in it. Your team will receive 75 points for outscoring 3 other teams(3 x 25pts). (These points are not included in the multiplier explained in Rule 4.)
Rule 6. Your team may compete in as many competitions during the season as they want. However, only your best 7 point totals will be accumulated for your overall score for the season.